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Like surf and you’re thinking about doing your own surf deck. Why don’t do it by yourself? In XOT offer you an accommodation + surfboard DIY with one of the best shapers in town: Luko

Deck process duration: 7 days

Recommended pack: 10 days at XOT while you’ll produce your board. You can enjoy the city and the environment

Barcelona from the Sea

Imagine see the city from the sea, enjoy the sunset while you’re sailing or simply go with the flow. We facilitate you sailing journeys with professionals in new boats so you can enjoy the Mediterranean in the best possible way.

Ask us to get more detailed information

Available under weather conditions

Barcelona fromCollserola

We’re into the Parc Natural de Collserola and that means sunrises over the sea, strolls between trees, sunsets with Tibidabo in the background and the city and its sights at your feet..
Would you like to do some hike by yourself or with us? Don’t hesitate to tell us and we will help you to enjoy Barcelona from the summit



Welcome Pack

We arrive often tired from the trip. If you want, we’ll do a basic purchase for you. With local products. By this way you can breakfast as in your home.

Guest service

Assistance to our guests is our strong point. We focused in it all our energy.
We want your staying at Barcelona to be the most comfortable and gratifying possible

Moving around Barcelona

At XOT help you to choose and rent the best vehicle for your needs. Bikes, cars, electric bikes, etc.

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Welcome Packs